Our Secret Weapon!

Corporate, in the past two days, we have discussed the importance of your first 48 hours in the business and that this business is like a game. Remember, this game doesn't require any special skills or talents to be a winner. You only need four simple tools to win this game, two of which you should already have in your possession " A Burning Desire to Win and Persistence". The other two tools are, a good supply of our Videotapes and a Telephone!

We know that Network Marketing is a Numbers Game!

Now lets talk about our Secret Weapon that gives you an advantage over the competition!

Corporate, you have the #1 Health and Fitness Motivator in 81 countries around the world, who has sold over $2 Billion of health related products on your team. His infomercials are among the top sellers of all-time

You have the opportunity to put him to work for you! This man is America's #1 Health and Fitness Motivator and Sales Person for a reason, because he believes in what he is does, he has been doing it for over 16 years! Now he will be working for you!

Here it is, an Incredible Company, with Incredible Products, the Most Lucrative Pay Plan in the Industry and the easiest Money Making System in the world to Master because you have him working for you. All you have to do is handout our videotapes, make the follow-up phone call and let him do the talking!

The Secret Weapon I'm talking about is none other than Mr. Tony Little. His last name is Little, but in the world of Health & Fitness, he is Mr. Big!

Corporate, anyone can be successful with a secret weapon like that. The deck is stacked in your favor!